The prouder the individual, the harsher the punishment.

This sort of thing hardly ever happens.

My brother sends you his warm regards.

Soon you'll be convinced that I'm right.

Shall we order?

I know that you cared deeply for Alejandro.

I was just about to go to bed.

Turn right at the red light.

I'm sure I left the door open.

Derek bought Amy an expensive bracelet.

My problem is called "procrastination".

I don't want to hurt anyone.


Lin and Jarvis looked at one another.

The bottle Heidi was holding had a purple label.

I've already seen one.

Right on!

He lives in a big city in the south of Spain.

Has everyone been told?

Who's wrong?


Have you finished writing your reports yet?

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Vadim treated me like a brother.

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Where is it hidden?


Piet decided to redesign his website.

Don't speak too loud. You'll wake her up.

The armored truck delivered the money to the bank.

Ding, ding! It's the right answer!

Arabic isn't complicated.


Smoking is prohibited in this restaurant.

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I haven't spoken with him since the incident.


She's a hopeless case.

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Why would she lie?

I have a few errands.

We had no potable water.

I'm very hungry.

Heinrich is no longer your responsibility.

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Mark may change his mind in a couple of weeks.

She's a member of a sorority.

He had no part in the scandal.

Whose are these shoes?

Could you wrap this for me?

Were you angry?

Sal is a marketing consultant.


You may not like what you uncover.


I know I have a biased opinion.


Can you really blame Sundar?

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I took my camera along.

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I've got to make sure Tobias does his homework.

I know how difficult this must be for you.

I've never met anybody like her.

It's normal for you to feel a bit woozy.

Do you have a problem with him?

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I'm driving you home.

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Are you going to go with us?

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Darrell took a knife out of a drawer in the kitchen.

There's no doubt that she'll visit England this summer.

I will only be able to love a man who can protect me.

I don't think that's going to stop Claudia.

We need more men like Nou working for us.

The great end of life is not knowledge but action.

I just got done with my French exam. It was a piece of cake!

Run or you'll be arrested.

When are you going to deal with Teresa?

Nobody wants to praise my country.

Eliot doesn't like doing that.

We can't let this happen anymore.

We can't get along without Audrey.

The wound left a scar on my arm.

The concert wasn't very good.

Kolkka motioned me to follow him.

Heinz could've refused.

Srinivasan requires constant care.

He turned his coat around.

Peter knew Gabriel could speak French fairly well.

Pierre made a bad judgment call.

When did you learn to swim?

I get only five days off this summer.

Once we are airborne, you make unbuckle your seatbelts.

Jean-Christophe died happy.

I hope they don't name their dog Cookie.

You only have to touch the button.


They missed a good chance.


All the arguments pointed in the same direction.

Gene is crying.

I shouldn't have to do all this work by myself.

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She turned into plastic.

Is this serious?

They just don't trust you.

Do you want to see the total solar eclipse which will leave Svalbard in the dark on March 20, 2015?

It's a world controlled by very few countries.

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I should've phoned James this morning.

"Do you trust me?" "No."

The doctor cauterised the wound.

Their plane will soon take off.

Help me finish building this vole ladder and I'll treat you to dinner.

What have you just written?

She answers requests for information from Monday morning to Wednesday afternoon.

Frustrated with the European languages, which he considered "too boring", Christopher Columbus invented "Columbian", a language so complicated that only he could speak it.

Good night, Miss.


Piercarlo pried open the door.

The old city is a popular tourist destination.

Check back next week.

The food was not bad, as hotel food goes.

Did the baby wake up?

Everyone is free to contribute.

I wasn't sure of that until several days later, when he came to me and told me what actually happened.


Thanks for agreeing to meet me here.

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The humidity is down.

It has been snowing day after day.

We go to the same school.

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I took care of it for you.

Just let me help you.

I don't think Emmett is responsible for that.


Who wrote Hamlet?

I'm going to go sit in my car.

We've already done a lot for Malloy.

It's obviously a typo.

I can't believe he's single.

I'm not going to get married anytime soon.

I owe my life to you.

Call me on Monday.

I found it difficult to make myself heard because of the noise.


Will you give me a job?

Keep the faith alive!

Kriton was suspected of being a spy.


It was a waste time for all of us.


He died from overwork.

Even though she's rich, she says she's poor.

She stood still with her hair flying in the wind.

I could tell you some things about Henry that might surprise you.

Why do you think Lenny is stupid?

Keith drank three glasses of water.

You can come to visit me, but only if you promise to behave well.

Johnnie is staying with a friend in Boston.

My perspective is similar to yours.

We're not serious.

I think I won't go to work today.


A passport identifies you as a citizen of a country and allows you to travel to foreign countries.

It's a great party.

She has a crush on Justin Bieber.

I have other matters to deal with.

Dan's new girlfriend is very young.


She had just come home when I called.

I did not intend to say that.

Spass came downstairs.

He gave me a select brand of canned goods.

Is this spider poisonous?

Vance doesn't get up as early as Neville.

She is drinking beer with our friends in the restaurant.

You did everything you could.

He is madly in love with that girl.


If you would like some help, add me!

I'm going to speak to you with utmost candor so I want you to take everything I'm about to say at face value.

I was surprised that you won the prize.

Many people have a dream.

Vinod wouldn't listen to me.


Don't wish to go outside, turn back into yourself. Inside men lives truth.


The swimming boy is my brother.

You're courageous.

Does Claudia always behave like that?

No woman has ever done this before.

Who bought you this house?

Leith never had a chance, did he?

The cement was still wet.

When to set off is a difficult problem.

After our first attack, the enemy fled.